Hotel Hutník is situated in a beautiful scenery of High Tatras National Park under one of the highest peaks in Karpaty mountain range, Lomnický peak. This spectacular view is empowered by peaceful surroundings of Tatranské Matliare village, which offers unlimited options for cross-country ski trips in winter. The hotel is only 2 km from Tatranská Lomnica village, where well-known ski centre is located. Its perfect location predicts the hotel to be the main starting point for many hiking and cycling tours in High Tatras in both, winter and summer season. Indoor wellness will refill your energy after a long day of either sport activities or presenting your research.

Getting to the Hotel SOREA HUTNÍK I:

From Poprad to Tatranská Lomnica one can get using public transporation. Both options, bus and train are avaiable. Regional train from Poprad to Tatranská Lomnica leaves from 2nd floor of main train station Poprad-Tatry. Regional buses from Poprad to Tatranská Lomnica leaves from the bus station in Poprad from platforms 1 or 5, which is next to the train station. After reaching Tatranská Lomnica you have to get to the hotel by foot. Train station and bus stop in Tatranská Lomnica are marked in the attached map. The pavement to the hotel leads alongside the main road. After reaching Tatranské Matliare village, turn left as indicated by map guide.

If you are having a backpack, you can choose shorter hiking trail through forest from Tatranská Lomnica to the hotel.
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Getting to the Hotel SOREA HUTNÍK I - map:

PopradTatranská Lomnica - version1Tatranská Lomnica - version2