The Civil Engineering Faculty, as a part of the Technical University of Kosice in Slovakia was established in 1976 (February 20, 1977).  In 2010 CEF has celebrated 33th anniversary. Within the further development of educational and research process it has the stable position between the TUKE faculties. Faculty has accreditation in two research areas:  in the field 05 design, engineering, technology and water management with the grade A-, and in the field 10 Environmental Science and Ecology, with the grade B. The Civil Engineering Faculty is authorized to perform the bachelor, master and doctoral study within four branches: Architectural Engineering, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering. The faculty is authorized to perform habilitation and inauguration within these branches. The study programs are oriented to Architectural Engineering, Building Design, Indoor Sciences, Theory, Analysis and Design of Structures, Traffic and Environmental Engineering, as Technology, Economics and Management in Civil Engineering. The strategy of faculty education development is based on present needs of Slovak Civil Engineering as well as on present foreign trends. The crucial research-educational units of the faculty are: Institute of Structural Engineering, Institute of Building and Environmental Engineering and Institute of Civil Engineering Technology Economics and Management. The institutes consist of involved departments and laboratories. They together co-provide the study program in their specific study branch as well as they provide research and scientific work in related professional areas. Nowadays more than 1100 full time students study at the Civil Engineering Faculty. During its existence the faculty has graduated more than 5 thousands three hundred engineers. The quality high level education is confirmed by positive professional acceptation. A lot of graduates are known leading personalities of Civil Engineering.

Research Activities
The Faculty of Civil Engineering project activities in R&D 2010 were except for the classic line of basic research supported by the two projects OPR & D Research Center for Excellent Advanced Integrated Building Structures, Materials and Technologies (4 million EUR). Within the operational program Research and Development the faculty obtained 2 other projects aimed at the knowledge and technologies transfer from research and development into practice:
• Architectural, Structural, Technological and Economical Aspects Designed for Energy Efficient Buildings
• Development of Progressive Technologies for Waste Utilization in Road Construction, 2 APVV Projects Supporting the Cooperation with Business Environment:
• Effective Rainwater Harvesting and Utilization
• Advanced Design and Technology in Road Construction.

In the year 2010 thirteen scientific VEGA projects were resolved.  Five projects completed the three-year period. Within the new Open Call ten scientific VEGA and four KEGA projects were submitted.  Under the Public Call of the Slovak Research and Development Agency we submitted four projects, one in cooperation with the Slovak Academy of Sciences. In the framework of international cooperation the faculty submitted and solved projects under Visegrad Fund, Norwegian Grand, Austria-Slovak cooperation, NATO, ERASMUS and bilateral intergovernmental agreements of the Slovak Research and Development Agency.
We are one of the highest ranking TUKE faculties in a number of editorial outputs per an inventive employee.  In the next period we will specifically focus on categories of publications with higher funds. We appreciate the awards of our employees in research and development. Ing.Vlasta Ondrejka Harbuľákovej, PhD. was awarded by the Young Researcher 2009 in the 13th year of leading Slovak scientists and technologists in all areas of science and research titled “Scientist of the SR  in 2009. “ Ing. Eva Krídlová Burdová , PhD. and Ing. Daniela Očipová, PhD. received Honorable Mentions in the same contest.  Ing. Vranay Frantisek, PhD. received the plaque from the Mayor of Kosice for his contribution in the field of renewable energy in Green Košice.

Professional cooperation
Within the continuously rising performance of the faculty focused on research and educational system, development and business between the faculty and institutions from private and state sphere, the external board of CEF was created.
The profesional activity is oriented on the research, expertise and design.  The faculty collaborates with many institutions in the field connected with development of Civil Engineering. Most important partners of the faculty: SK-Eurovia SpA Kosice, Chemkostav, SpA Michalovce, Honors, SpA Liptovsky Mikulas, East Water Company,  Kosice Self-Governing Region, Architectural Studio Atrium, T-Mobile Slovakia  and others.

The Civil Engineering Faculty Day was marked by the faculty round of Student Scientific and Expert Activities, which was attended by 45 student works in five technical sections. The best of them were awarded and have moved on to international competition at CEF TUKE.  The Faculty as well as major Slovak companies participated in the Open day of CEF.